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Retirement Reception/Employee Service Awards

Four County Career Center held their annual Retirement Reception and Employee Service Awards honoring staff members for years of service to the school district.

Words of appreciation were given by Superintendent Tim Meister and plaques were presented to staff members with a total of 107 years of experience who retired from the Career Center during the past school year. Shown above are retirees (LEFT TO RIGHT) Vickie Snow, Career Based Intervention Instructor (15 years); Patricia Kitchen, Cafeteria Supervisor (13 years); Katie Delay, Visual Art & Design Instructor (25 years); and Karen Lulfs, Career Assessment Secretary (35 years). Absent from the photo is Nina Kretz (19 years).

Those recognized for years of service include:
Five years - Thomas Berteau, Chemistry Instructor; Regina Gallardo, Custodian; Carol Hill, Assistant Cook; Hannah Miller, English Instructor; Mike Nye, Sports Fitness & Exercise Science Instructor.
Ten years - Victoria Cameron, Science Instructor; Peter Herold, Culinary Arts Management & Chef Training Instructor.
Fifteen years - Angela Ballard, VOSE; Tracy Dopp, Academic & Career Tech Secretary; Tonya Fisher, Fire & Rescue Instructor; Lisa Hite, Academic Supervisor; Cindy Krass, Custodian; Paul Marhover, Job Coach; Vickie Snow, Career Based Intervention Instructor; Ray Varner, Maintenance.
Twenty years - Rick Bachman, Director of Career & Technical Education.
Twenty-five years - Katie Delay, Visual Art & Design Instructor; Cheryl Wiesehan, Career Tech Secretary.
Thirty-five years - Karen Lulfs, Career Assessment Secretary.
Forty years - Florence Luzny, Floral Design Instructor.

FCCC 27th Senior Recognition Day

Three hundred seventy-five seniors were awarded certificates along with other student achievements and Career Passports marking the end of their career and technical training during Four County Career Center’s 47th annual Recognition Day Ceremony with over 1,800 parents and guests in attendance.

Career and Technical Education Director Rick Bachman was Presiding Chairman of the ceremonies. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Stephanie Lambert (Tinora) Visual Art & Design, accompanied by the Armed Services Recruiters and seniors enlisted in the armed services. Superintendent Tim Meister introduced Board of Education members. Alex Hinojosa (Tinora) Law Enforcement & Security Tactics, Randy Belmares (Fairview) Pre-Engineering, Spencer Hines (Ayersville) Pre-Engineering, and Alexis Myers (Napoleon) Veterinarian Assistant, announced student achievement activities. Guest speakers for the Recognition Day Ceremony were senior students Jesse Smith (Liberty Center) Electrical, and Kenzie Stein (Edgerton) Veterinarian Assistant.

Forty-five students were named Outstanding Seniors for exemplary performance in their career and technical and academic programs and presented with award plaques by their department supervisors. Awards and scholarship monies of over $400,000 to be used to further students’ education at community colleges and universities were also awarded during the ceremony.

Students receiving awards from Defiance county included (FRONT - LEFT TO RIGHT) Dustan Bradley (Fairview) Computer Design/3D Modeling; Jarrett Marckel (Ayersville) Accounting & Business Management; Autum Baumgardner (Fairview) Cosmetology; Caitlin Ferguson (Fairview) Automotive Technologies; Katelyn Hoeffel (Defiance) Early Childhood Education; Rebecka Schweitzer (Ayersville) Hospitality Services; (BACK - LEFT TO RIGHT) Adam Grant-Gubbins (Fairview) Visual Art & Design; Caleb Shininger (Fairview) Agriculture/Diesel Mechanics; Nate Smith (Fairview) Carpentry; Cain Pearson (Fairview) Diesel Mechanics; Stefan Bowers (Tinora) Fire & Rescue; Spencer Hines (Ayersville) Pre-Engineering; and Randy Belmares (Fairview) Pre-Engineering. Absent from the photo are Kyle Bennett (Hicksville) Auto Collision Repair; Jacob Hoag (Tinora) Powersport Engine Technology; and Drake Imber (Tinora) Law Enforcement & Security Tactics.

Students receiving awards from Fulton county included (FRONT - LEFT TO RIGHT) Rylee Ruger (Fayette) Health Careers; Emily Neipp (Delta) Health Careers; Nolyn Burkhoder (Archbold) Visual Art & Design; Erica Golden (Delta) Medical Office Technologies; Junior Molina (Wauseon) Culinary Arts Management; Mercedes Zimmerman (Delta) HVAC & Plumbing (BACK - LEFT TO RIGHT) Seth Malone (Evergreen) Welding Fabrication; Lydia Andres (Archbold) Interior Design; Mandie Atwater (Evergreen) Early Childhood Education; Theresa Nieberding (Delta) Visual Art & Design; and Blake Bruner (Wauseon) Electrical.

Students receiving awards from Henry county included (FRONT - LEFT TO RIGHT) Doug Tussing (Patrick Henry) Automotive Technologies; Morgan Reiter (Patrick Henry) Powersport Engine Technology; Alyssa Fehrenbach (Liberty Center) Interior Design; Olivia Knipp (Napoleon) Cosmetology; Tyra Knepper (Napoleon) Industrial Services ( (BACK - LEFT TO RIGHT) Bailey Heuerman (Patrick Henry) Automotive Technologies; Richard Taylor (Liberty Center) Carpentry; Jacob Whitman (Patrick Henry) Landscape & Greenhouse Technologies; Joey Nickels (Patrick Henry) HVAC & Plumbing; Jacob Heath (Napoleon) Work Transitions; Luis Ibarra (Holgate) Auto Collision Repair. Absent from the photo is Jazzlyn Wright (Holgate) Floral Design.

Students receiving awards from Williams county included (LEFT TO RIGHT) Timothy Gonzales (Bryan) Health Careers; Evan Ibarra (Montpelier) Chef Training; Caitlin Meade (Hilltop) Computer Networking & Repair; Kenzie Stein (Egerton) Veterinarian Assistant; Autumn Rowe (Edgerton) Sports Fitness & Exercise Science; and Jennifer Westrick (Hilltop) Software Development & Game Design.

FFA Awards Day

During the local Four County Career Center’s FFA Chapter awards day the following students received awards for contests they won throughout the school year.

FFA award winners from Defiance County include (FRONT - LEFT TO RIGHT) Caleb Shininger (Fairview) Ag Mechanic Skills Individual, Ag Power Diagnostics & Dairy Cattle Judging; Alycia Urivez (Ayersville) NTHS; Alyssa Willis (Ayersville) Soil Judging, Dairy Judging & Livestock Judging; Kristen Ronfeldt (Ayersville) Animal Management Competition Member; Kloee Chase (Tinora) Junior Floral Design; Logan Hanenkratt (Tinora) Outstanding Powersport Engine Technology Junior, Outdoor Power Contest; (BACK - LEFT TO RIGHT) Steve Ankney (Fairview) Outstanding Ag/Diesel Mechanics Junior; Brooks Grine (Fairview) Ag Industrial Diagnostics Compeititon; Outstanding Ag/Diesel Mechanics Senior, Dairy Judging & General Livestock; Cain Pearson (Fairview) Ag Mechanics Skills; Codey Etchen (Fairview) Livestock Judging; Roland Mansfield (Ayersville) Landscape Competition; Johnathon Buchanan (Hicksville) Competition Award; Haley Karzynow (Tinora) Student of the Month; and Evan Shininger (Fairview) General Livestock Judging.

FFA award winners from Fulton County include (FRONT - LEFT TO RIGHT) Alison Walling (Evergreen) Grooming Competition & Student of the Month; Brianna Mallory (Evergreen) Animal Management Competition Member; Paige Blad (Fayette) General Livestock, Soil Judging & Prepared Public Speaking; Jennifer Brehm (Fayette) General Livestock, Soil Judging, Dairy Judging & Prepared Public Speaking; (BACK - LEFT TO RIGHT) Ryan Wiemken (Archbold) Soil Judging, General Livestock & Dairy Judging; Rebecca Russell (Delta) Jacob Baumgartner Scholarship & River City Rodders Scholarship; Jacob Beer (Evergreen) Landscape Competition Member; Sean Higgins (Evergreen) Outstanding Diesel Mechanics Senior; Gavin Rufenacht (Fayette) General Livestock; and Gabe Spiess (Archbold) Outstanding Diesel Mechanics Junior.

FFA award winners from Henry County include (FRONT - LEFT TO RIGHT) Marissa Mendoza (Napoleon) Scholarship Winner & Animal Health District; Emily Paxton (Napoleon) Vice President; Erin Lange (Liberty Center) District Vet Science Member; Jacob Whitman (Patrick Henry) Landscape Competition Member & Outstanding Landscape & Greenhouse Technologies Senior; Kaylee Newland (Holgate) Fancy Bow Contest & Edible Contest; Jazzlyn Wright (Holgate) Floral Design Contest; Courtnie Spangler (Liberty Center) Student of the Month; Panthera Miley (Liberty Center) Outstanding Veterinarian Assistant Junior, Soil Judging & Animal Management; Phoebe Phillips (Liberty Center) Grooming Contest, Soil Judging, Dairy Judging & Livestock Judging; (BACK - LEFT TO RIGHT) Jade Paysinger (Patrick Henry) Dairy Judging; Jacob Bechstein (Liberty Center) Dairy Judging; Jayden Nickels (Patrick Henry) Engine Judging; Kelsey Davis (Napoleon) Floral Design Contest; Jessica Allen (Patrick Henry) Floral Design Contest; Jennifer Ritz (Napoleon) Floral Design Contest, Floriculture Competition Member & Outstanding Floral Design Junior; and Jesse Fonseca (Napoleon) Landscape Competition & Outstanding Landscape & Greenhouse Technologies Junior.

FFA award winners from Williams County include (FRONT - LEFT TO RIGHT) Jacob Tingle (Edgerton) Student of the Month; Paishence Bacon (Montpelier) Animal Health Competition; Kenley Brown (Hilltop) Dairy Judging; Shannon Wieland (Edgerton) Landscape Competition Member; Tara Halferty (Montpelier) Soil Judging; Paige Speelman (Stryker) Soil Judging & Dairy Judging; (BACK - LEFT TO RIGHT) Marissa Smith (Edgerton) Dairy Judging, Livestock Judging, Agronomy, State Dog Grooming; Kenzie Stein (Edgerton) Animal Management & General Livestock Judging; Kennedy Nicolen (Bryan) Dairy Judging; Michelle Robinson (Stryker) Floriculture Competition; Brandi Hager (Hilltop) Floriculture Contest Member & Outstanding Floral Design Senior; Jakob Campbell (Bryan) Outdoor Powersports Competition Member & Outstanding Powersports & Engine Technology Senior; and Colton Henricks (Edgerton) Outdoor Power Equipment Member.

Four County Career Center’s FFA programs include Agriculture/Diesel Mechanics, Diesel Mechanics, Floral Design, Landscape & Greenhouse Technologies, Powersport Engine Technology, and Veterinarian Assistant and advisors are Denton Blue, Jason Elston, Eric Hite, Florence Luzny, Stephanie Pippin and Larry Soles.


Preschool Graduation

The students at Four County Career Center’s Early Childhood Education class recently held Preschool Graduation for children enrolled during the 2015-2016 school year. The children performed favorite songs and fingerplays learned throughout the school year for parents and grandparents in attendance.

Shown above at the graduation are (FRONT - LEFT TO RIGHT) Bailey Barton (Napoleon); Tatum Barton (Napoleon); Briggs Zartman (Antwerp); Ruby Brywczynski (Whitehouse); Lucas Helberg (Napoleon); Aubree Vandock (Delta); Tristan Bagrowski (Wauseon); Isaac Meyer (Cecil); (BACK - LEFT TO RIGHT) Kellen Hurst (Defiance); Landain Rinehammer (Upper Sandusky); Meyta Hieber (Deshler); Nathan Gambler (Bryan); Parker Niese (New Bavaria); Ava Steingass (Defiance); and Lucy Mendoza (Wauseon).

The Preschool/Childcare Center is operated in association with the Early Childhood Education program for juniors and seniors as a part of their lab experience. Supervising the students is instructor Susan Myers. Preschool Instructor is Lisa Creager and Educational Aide is Jennifer Hutchison.


Senior Recognition Day Ceremony

Four County Career Center’s 47th annual Senior Recognition Day will be held Friday, May 20 starting at 9:15 a.m. at the school.

Certificates marking the completion of their career training will be awarded to 416 seniors, scholarship award winners will be announced and Outstanding Senior Awards will be presented during the ceremonies.

Career Passports containing the student’s Resume, class competencies listing skills learned at the Career Center, student’s grades and attendance data, will be presented to each senior. Career Passports are awarded to all Ohio Career Center program completers for the purpose of providing each student with a set of credentials that can be presented to an employer when seeking employment.

Rick Bachman, Director of Career & Technical Education, is in charge of the ceremony. Seven seniors will be assisting with the program - Stephanie Lambert (Tinora) Visual Art & Design, will be leading the Pledge of Allegiance; Alex Hinojosa (Tinora) Law Enforcement & Security Tactics, Randy Belmares (Fairview) Pre-Engineering, Spencer Hines (Ayersville) Pre-Engineering, and Alexis Myers (Napoleon) Veterinarian Assistant, will be announcing student achievement activities. Jesse Smith (Liberty Center) Electrical, and Kenzie Stein (Edgerton) Veterinarian Assistant; were chosen as class speakers for the event.

Parents and families of Career Center seniors are invited to attend the ceremony which will be held in the Diesel Technology and Training Center located on the northeast side of the building. Parking is available in the school’s east and south parking lots or the student parking lot on the west side of the building.

Four County Career Center is located at the intersection of State Routes 66 and 34, five miles south of Archbold.