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Information You Need To Know...

Class fees, uniform requirements and equipment expenses vary by career and technical program. Students will receive a cost sheet along with specific program requirements at orientation nights in the Spring.  Payment plans are available to students who may be unable to pay these fees. The Career Center also has established an Endowment Fund set up to provide financial support to students for program needs and other educational purposes. For information regarding the Endowment Fund, contact any career & technical education instructor.

School hours are 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. All member school districts provide transportation for their students. However, if it is necessary for the student to drive to and from school, a parking permit will be issued by the Attendance Office.

When a student applies to a Four County Career Center program they and their parents/guardians are making a two year commitment.

The Career Center is open to students with special needs. Students who are on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) are able to participate in a Career Assessment during ninth or tenth grade to give them, their parents and associate school personnel career planning information. The IEP team utilizes this information to choose an appropriate career & technical program that meets the student’s interests and abilities.  Students with a disability have the support of a Vocational Special Education Coordinator to monitor the IEP, arrange for adaptations and modifications in class, and give additional assistance. Students may also receive direct instruction from a special education instructor if the IEP determines that is needed.

Students are encouraged to be involved in their associate high school AND Four County. Many students participate in cheerleading, football, drama, band, cross country, basketball, clubs, etc. at their associate high school.

The Early Placement Program is an opportunity permitting outstanding Four County seniors to begin working before graduation. Students are excused from classes for one-half of the school day the second semester. Eligibility for participation is based upon work habits, grades, attendance and attitude. All students must be a senior in a two-year career & technical program and must have approval to participate from their instructor and the department supervisor.

The Career Passport is designed to be used as a professional portfolio. The portfolio is a reflection of the student’s occupational skills and achievements during career & technical training. This passport is intended to help employers evaluate a graduate’s competency to perform a job.

Upon successful completion of a career & technical program and academic courses, Four County Career Center students graduate and receive a high school diploma from their associate school. Career Center students will also attend a Recognition Day ceremony where they receive their Career & Technical Certificate of Completion and Career Passport.

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