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Name   Department   Subject Area   Location   Email  
Bowers, Courtney   Intervention Specialists   Intervention Specialist   419-267-2365   Email
Bowers, Tim   Administration   Dean of Students   419-267-2354   Email
Boyer, Kristen   Aides & VOSE   VOSE   419-267-2372   Email
Brywczynski, Brandon   Academic   Social Studies Instructor   419-267-2352   Email
Buchholz, Jim   Career & Technical Ed.   Visual Art & Design Instructor   419-267-2387   Email
Cameron, Vickie   Academic   Science Instructor   419-267-2291   Email
Cheslock, Krissy   Administration   Special Education Supervisor   419-267-2225   Email
Cichocki, Ellie   Certified Support Staff   Job Placement Coordinator   419-267-2237   Email
Cordes, Kim   Career Assess/Job Trng   Career Assessment Specialist   419-267-2214   Email
Courtney, Robin   Career Assess/Job Trng   Job Coach   419-267-2254   Email
Custer, Erin   Career & Technical Ed.   Visual Art & Design Instructor   419-267-2388   Email
Detmer, Dean   Administration   Career & Tech Supervisor - Academic   419-267-2298   Email
Dopp, Tracy   Secretarial   Secretary   419-267-2259   Email
Doty, Amanda   Career & Technical Ed.   Work Transitions Instructor   419-267-2312   Email
Drewes, Amy   Secretarial   Receptionist/Secretary   419-267-2313   Email
Dunbar, Kim   Career & Technical Ed.   Cosmetology Instructor   419-267-2392   Email
Dye, Matt   Career & Technical Ed.   Carpentry Instructor   419-267-2376   Email
Eis, Terry   Custodial & Maintenance   Building & Grounds Supervisor   419-267-2249   Email
Elston, Jason   Career & Technical Ed.   Ag Diesel Mechanics Instructor   419-267-2379   Email
Etzler, Bryan   Career & Technical Ed.   Agriculture   419-497-2621   Email
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