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Name   Department   Subject Area   Location   Email  
Samson, Tom   Adult Workforce Dev.   Public Safety   419-267-2217   Email
Sauber, Sheila   Custodial & Maintenance   Custodian   419-267-2249   Email
Schoonover, Jena   Administrative Secetarial   Secretary to Director of Career Tech Ed   419-267-2228   Email
Short, Tina   Career & Technical Ed.   Accounting & Business Mgmt. Instructor   419-267-2436   Email
Snyder, Lisa   Classified Support Staff   Warehouse   419-267-2368   Email
Soles, Larry   Career & Technical Ed.   Powersports Instructor   419-267-3331   Email
Steingass, Steven   Career & Technical Ed.   Mechanical Systems & Piping Instructor   419-267-2247   Email
Steyer, Drew   Academic   Science Instructor   419-267-2204   Email
Swinehart, Katrina   Career & Technical Ed.   Agriculture   Edgerton   Email
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