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Name   Department   Subject Area   Location   Email  
Habibi, Lisa   Academic   English Instructor   419-267-2312   Email
Hall, Lisa   Career & Technical Ed.   Interior Design   419-267-2358   Email
Hammersmith, Don   Career & Technical Ed.   Agriculture   419-395-1111   Email
Hancock, Brandon   Custodial & Maintenance   Maintenance   419-267-2412   Email
Harding, Tracy   Career & Technical Ed.   Automotive Tech Instructor   419-267-2251   Email
Hartman, Bob   Adult Workforce Dev.   Adult Education   419-267-2217   Email
Haver, Amy   Academic   English Instructor   419-267-2297   Email
Hedrick, Curtis   Classified Support Staff   Technical Specialist   419-267-2206   Email
Heilman, Marsha   Cafeteria   Cafeteria Supervisor   419-267-2239   Email
Helberg, Lauren   Academic   Math Instructor   419-267-2309   Email
Helberg, Michelle   Classified Support Staff   Vocational Evaluation Secretary   419-267-2258   Email
Hendricks, Gary   Custodial & Maintenance   Custodian   419-267-2249   Email
Herold, Pete   Career & Technical Ed.   Culinary Arts/Chef Training Instructor   419-267-2356   Email
Hill, Carol   Cafeteria   Cafeteria   419-267-2239   Email
Hill, Robin   Career & Technical Ed.   Health Careers Instructor   419-267-2383   Email
Hite, Eric   Career & Technical Ed.   Landscape & Greenhouse Tech Instructor   419-267-3508   Email
Holli, Horn   Career & Technical Ed.   Guidance Counselor   419-267-2221   Email
Hootman, Steve   Career & Technical Ed.   Auto Collision Repair Instructor   419-267-2229   Email
Hupe, Rick   Administration   Director of Operations   419-267-2380   Email
Hutchison, Jennifer   Aides & VOSE   Educational Aide   419-267-2320   Email
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